Solvent Selection and Formulation with Hansen Solubility Parameters

Solvent Selection and Formulation with Hansen Solubility Parameters

Solvents play a major role in many applications, from molecule extraction, cosmetics and coatings to cleaning. At the same time, the constant need for more sustainable and safer raw materials as well as the willingness to increase efficiency at a lower cost drive the formulators to look for alternative solvents and reformulate their systems. Solvent selection and formulation can be complex and time consuming considering the number of products available on the market. Hansen Solubility Parameters model can be a very precious tool to guide the formulators towards the most promising solutions.

The training is first focusing on the theory of Hansen Solubility Parameters: what are they? What is the idea behind? Then solubility volume, distance between molecules as well as Hansen Parameters calculation of solvent blends are explained in details. The presentation features numerous examples of their use in various applications and specific questions such a evaporation, coating formulations and water are considered. Finally finding, measuring or calculating Hansen Parameters methods are examined and tools and bibliography provided.

The training is intended for R&D personnel involved in formulating solvents and can be performed in English or French.

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23 October 2017



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