Volume Parameters and their Influence on Paint Properties

Volume Parameters and their Influence on Paint Properties

Coatings can be defined as mix of particles, pigments and fillers, dispersed in a binder matrix. Optimising the quantity of each component is critical to achieve the desired film properties such as gloss or opacity, at controlled cost. Volume Parameters: Pigment Volume Concentration (PVC), Pigment Volume and Volume Solid Content of the film are key parameters that can help the formulator take better control on the formulation.

This training provide a deep understanding of the volume parameters and present an extensive study of their impact on cost, gloss, opacity and porosity. It features numerous paint films on contrast cards to illustrate the content. Finally several real case examples are discussed.

This training is dedicated to R&D personnel involved in formulating paints. The presentation deals only with water-borne decorative coatings but the calculations remain correct for solvent-borne formulations. It can be performed in English or French.

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23 October 2017



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